About the terrain
The Khamar-Daban Range (Sable Alps) is a system of mountain ranges, ridges, rivers and lakes spread more than 350 km along the south-eastern shore of Baikal Lake.

Freeriders have been skiing here since 1994.

Skiing season
lasts here form the mid-November to the end of March. The average December temperature is 11 degrees Celsius.
The amount of snow
falling in the Khama-Daban exceeds 3000 mm per season. Thanks to the continental climate, snow here has a dry powder texture - a real POWDER!
Vertical drops
of the skiing spots are from 700 to 1100 m. Slopes from 20 to 50 degrees; Our mountains are characterized by a diversity of terrain: there are snow fields, mountain cirques and couloirs of all sizes, and of course, forest.
Mountains of Baikal is a unique place for freeride
There are no so many places in the world where you can be the first who visits it. In our mountains there will be enough first-ride lines for everyone! And this is not an exaggeration! Once you are here you will see mountains many of which were never before imprinted by the foot of man. And the snow of the authentic Siberian taiga would extend the habitual borders of the world for you.
We ve got the POWDER
Baikal heli-ski company
Who are we?
Mountain enthusiasts, real professionals, we love what we do, and we do it perfectly well.
Our team:
Vitaly Ilinykh
Chief guide
Professional mountain guide. He has been organizing and conducting Heli-ski programs since 1990 in Russia - Prielbrusye (vicinity of the Mt. Elbrus), Krasnaya Polyana, Khibiny Mountains, Kamchatka, Khamar-Daban, abroad - Alaska, Chile, New Zealand, Canada. Participant of the 2001 Russian Freeride Championship - 5th place, of the 2001 European Freeride Cup stage - 5th place.
Evgeny Dyachev
Project manager
Organizer of the all-Russia freeride contest "Mamay First Snow 2016", co-organizer of the all-Russian professionals contest "Rosa-Khutor freeride contest 2017".
Organizer of the Russian Freeride Cup 2018.
Nick Piotrovsky
17 seasons, 8 in freeride, 3 in New School, 4 years as an instructor of the RASSF. The organizer of many ski events, the producer of Action Brothers company.
Starred in the following films: "Agiotage", "Atmosphere", "Sight", "Territory of snow".
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